An accurate prototype quickly…

Klava has developed a new process for rapid prototyping in cooperation with a number of European companies. With it models can be produced quickly with an up to 99% simulation of the product as the major advantage.

Klava applies various methods for this, including wax, sand and plastic prototyping. These have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. You can avoid unnecessarily high casting costs or save on finishing costs by having Klava advise you already in an early stage of development or design. Klava is happy to advise you in selecting the right methodology.

The great advantage of rapid prototyping is that a prototype can be made and tested quickly at relatively low cost, so that any problems arising can be overcome early. This means lower costs in the subsequent testing and production process. Besides saving you a lot of expenses with these modern techniques, Klava does even more. Taking into account the practice of the production process and any finishing operations, Klava searches for optimal solutions in order to gain efficiency and cost advantages.

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